What IS The Good Schnit?    

The Good Schnit is basically like food sex in your mouth.
— Cameron C, via www.timeout.com


1. To be desired or approved of.
2. Having the required qualities of a high standard.

schnit (schnitty)

NOUN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1. Aussie slang for schnitzel; normally referring to Chicken Schnitzel bought from a pub.                                                                                                              2. A shortened version of schiznit. It's like saying something is "the sh*t", without swearing. 


At The Good Schnit, we've taken a classic take away staple from down under and created a delicious, simple and satisfying sandwich from a holy trinity of ingredients – crumbed chicken, mayonnaise and fresh salad. In Australia it’s called a “schnitty roll”, and The Good Schnit brought it to London in 2015 to satiate the appetites of far-flung Aussies and introduce it to the greater eating public at large in rainy London.

You may not be sitting on a beach, cold beer in one hand, enjoying the sound of the waves and the salty sea breeze. It is London, after all. But at least now you can get a GOOD schnit.




Good Jobs


Do you have front-of-house food and beverage experience? A winning personality? A sense of humour? If you said yes to at least two out of these three things – and you’re looking for something new – then it’s time to apply for a front-of-house role at The Good Schnit. Duties and responsibilities for front-of-house team members include:

                  •                 High level of customer service

                  •                 Product knowledge

                  •                 Cash handling

                  •                 Sandwich preparation

                  •                 Flexibility and personal initiative

                  •                 General interest in food a plus



Have you got some chops in the kitchen? A love of food? Better yet, a love of high-quality, crispy, golden crumbed and fried chicken?                                   Then we probably need you on our back-of-house team. Duties and responsibilities for back-of-house team members include:

                  •                 Intermediate kitchen skills/experience

                  •                 Product knowledge

                  •                 Food preparation, hygiene and storage

                  •                 Stock management

                  •                 Quality control

                  •                 Flexibility and personal initiative



Are you a kitchen manager who is ready for a change?                                                                                                                                                                  We are looking for an experienced kitchen manager to come on board and  help our company grow. As both of our sites are small, busy and kitchen-centric, you will effectively be responsible for over-seeing store operations at The Good Schnit.

Duties and responsibilities for the group kitchen manager include:

                  •                 Menu testing/planning/optimisation

                  •                 Menu costings and prices

                  •                 Quality control

                  •                 Health & safety supervision

                  •                 Stock purchasing and management

                  •                 Supplier relationships

                  •                 Staff recruitment and training


If you can see your Good self becoming part of our team, send a brief cover letter with your CV attached to contact@thegoodschnit.co.uk


All other enquiries

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